Feel Good Breakup

Every break up story has a victim and an offender nowadays. It takes a while to find one told from the heart breaker’s point of view and then, not a villainous one. One thing ending a relationship comes with is responsibility. That burden of saying goodbye and detaching from someone can suck. It can hurt; it can break; it can make one hate the other. But that is not the only result of ending a relationship. There is relief in saying goodbye to a commitment. There is a release of connections. The mind is free of thinking of someone constantly. Of worrying about where you stand; what has been said or unsaid. What has been done or not done. Your time is your own. You don’t have to schedule your activities around this one person. You don’t have to limit yourself according to someone else. You don’t have to be on call. It’s freedom from one aspect of life that felt burdensome. Or felt taken over. Sometimes, breaking a relationship off is for the best. And it feels good.


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