More than words

This short about twins and their romantic relations with each other is so much more than just a movie about incest. The message I got from this movie was that people do what is necessary to make their lives work. Jan marries Sophie, a girl because he sees that is the acceptable way to be in society. Dan stays away from his brother because that us the acceptable way to live in society. The reactions of Jan’s friends when he kisses his brother is amazingly telling of society’s opinion on incest.
Further, I see Dan staying away from his brother is with more reason than simply needing to be independent or some other circumstances that drive family to put distance between or amongst each other. Jan can’t keep his hands off his brother when they are in close proximity and Dan can’t afford to have his brother’s affections showing so easily. He looks as if he feels guilty for feeling as he does for his brother but he doesn’t deny it as shown when Sophie tells him.
Sophie is a bright star in the midst of the angst between the brothers. She could rail and rage at Jan or Dan for their feelings and actions. Instead, she accepts Dan and his role in his brother’s life. She represents the side of society that is in the minority. The side that doesn’t do as what it supports.
This movie is quickly a personal favourite. I wonder if I can be like Sophie. If I can go for what I want like Jan; or if I am as ashamed for my nature as Dan because it is not considered acceptable.
It’s definitely worthy.


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