I’m having a difficult time handling things this Monday. It’s usually my favourite day of the week.

I wake up with energy and look forward to the rest of the week and ready to do things. I make plans; I set up meetings. I do what normal people do. Today was pretty much the same until it wasn’t. I don’t know why it’s gotten so hard to just be but it has. I can barely stay on my game mentally when it comes to interacting with people online and every day I wonder why I have to.

People are stupid. People that stupid should be killed off. But ethics; morals; logic keeps me from saying that to their faces. It’s frustrating and annoying and sometimes it makes me want to hit something or someone. Mostly someone. Too bad I’m not violent enough physically.

I could be having a bad day. Maybe I need to read an erotica or to sleep because I feel terribly sleepy this week. Whichever the solution; I hope it works and works good.


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