They Rape You Because They Fear You


A teenage girl is jogging in her neighbourhood. A car starts following her. The car is full of boys. This is not the beginning of some day-time movie. This is something that happened just a few days ago.

Teenage jogger

How do you suppose that scenario turned out? If it was a movie, it wouldn’t be pretty. In regular life, the girl probably got intimidated and stopped jogging, which messes her health routine, and does a lot of damage to her mind. Those boys may not have said a word, or even laid a hand on her, but can you imagine what was going through her head, and what those thoughts are still doing to her? Now, reverse the roles for a second. Imagine it was a (teenage) guy jogging, and being followed around by a car full of girls. I doubt he’d be unhappy about it, let alone traumatised …


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Feminism, Racism, And The Rape Debate; A Response.

The fuck is wrong with the world? That this man can decide to blame women for the actions of their offenders. Oh yes, dress in long skirts and baggy trousers, you won’t get raped. Don’t spurn a man; he will flip his lead and rape you. Don’t begrudge men their behaviour, it’s natural. Of course women and men have tussled over gender domination since time immemorial.
Bullshit of the highest order. Stop it; just fuckng stop with the blame game and refusal to accept responsibility. Men think the way they do thanks to a system made and championed to make them seem the better of all the world’s species and sub-species and they damn well will do good to recognise that their set up of the world social order is not to the benefit of anyone else but them. And trying to make it seem like rape is a two way thing instead of the malicious, violent expression of dominance of one over another. Stop it; just fucking stop already.

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This was my response to 3CB‘s article on DR, which I shared with her via e-mail and she graciously permitted my uploading for public scrutiny.

I apologise for the length

To explain the caveat and a few lines in the below, this lengthy…thing I have down here started out as a comment on her post on their site and then it became a bit too long and I wasn’t going to be that douche that hijacks a post and makes it all about them…like I unashamedly used to. It might help if you read the post I am responding to and it’s subsequent comments first, if you haven’t already.

This is a long post, you may pause in the middle and enjoy a fun game of tetris if you get bored or in case of agitation and you want to cool down.

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Feminism, Racism, And The Rape Debate



Life is all about context. Not everyone who takes something without asking is a thief. Not everyone who makes a sex joke is a chauvinist. Not everyone who is nice to a white person is a racist. Not everyone who makes sarcastic comments is an activist.

Let’s talk about my friend Sam. He lives in Lang’ata and spends a lot of time on Twitter. Last week, he went out with online friends. After a fun night out, he called a cab, came home, and blacked out. The next day, he woke up on his sofa in his underwear. Apparently, some thugs had followed him home and carried everything except his sofa, because they couldn’t get him off it.

Being a normal middle class citizen, he went to the police. They laughed as he gave them receipts for all his electronics, complete with serial numbers. They took his statement, and told…

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