Rooster Illusion: ‘Pacific Rim’ is the Movie of the Summer

Rooster Illusion

In a summer of unwilling heroes and cynical detachment, Guillermo Del Toro’s Mechs vs. Monsters movie is a breath of fresh air, a shot of adrenaline, and a hi-five from your inner child all at once.

Pacific Rim poster wide

Pacific Rim (2013):

The Plot: Fifteen years ago, Kaiju (Japanese for “giant beast” began emerging from an inter-dimensional rift at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Using conventional military weapons, it took us days to bring a single one down. With the fate of humanity at stake, all nations joined forces to create the Jaeger (German for “hunter”) Program, pouring our resources into building giant Mechs to combat the monsters laying waste to cities across the world. Each Jaeger was so big that it needed two pilots, psychically linked to each other and the machine through shared memories. For a while, we won. But then the Kaiju began coming more frequently, bigger and smarter…

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The 7 Layers of Division in Black America


A guest post by Greg Dragon of the Hall of the Black Dragon:

There’s a great wish in the African American community for a wonderful utopia known as UNITY. The word brings about images of 70′s era movies where everyone picks their blow-out Afros, slaps high-fives and echoes “Right on!” in unison. This reality was lived out by our parents but now the word has become pure fantasy. A fellow AA writer and myself discussed this unity thing and came up with 7 layers of division that keeps black unity a myth. This list may not be exclusive to blacks but it plagues us and keeps us separated in a major way.

The 7 Layers of Division in Black America:

Layer 1 – Bourgie vs. Ghetto
Middle/upper class vs. lower class for those confused by the derogatory terms. These two classes of people don’t necessarily hate one another but…

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“What became of the Black people of Sumer?” the traveller asked the old man, “For ancient records show that the people of Sumer were black what happened to them? “AH,” the old man sighed, “They lost their history, so they died.”


To every African, those in the mother Land and those in Diaspora, never forget your History, for that is how the enemy is trying to destroy you, that is why the enemy removed the nose on the Egyptian statues, in the Great Sphinx of Giza that is why at school he teaches you French and English empires, that is why Shaka Zulu was not seen as nation builder, he tried to destroy the Great wall of Zimbabwe, that is why museums in Africa don’t have African history, that is why he misinterpreted our History, that is why he claimed your history as his. Wake up!


To the…

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Fictional Friday


Starts off in the morning. I hate waking up.


If I could, I would stay asleep all day but I didn’t. I got up and got dressed in one of my favourite ensembles, made up my hair and tried to make the best of my face. Sometimes it takes no effort. Other times, I don’t even bother.

I headed out to a cafe along my residential block. They make great tea. I hate coffee. Blegh; hate it!

I’ve been a regular there for a year now, which apparently qualifies me for the customer special. I like the preferential treatment and I always leave a hearty tip for my favourite waiter. She’s not just a waiter; she’s also a friend. She sits with me as I take breakfast, telling me about her escapades from the night before.

Today, she tells me of the bookclub meeting she had last night. They were reading a novel called Scandalous. It’s more porn than the mystery it’s marketed as but that’s why it’s a best seller. Nobody actually likes mystery unless they do and my friend doesn’t like mystery without a touch of lust.

After breakfast and a nduma to go, I headed out to work. This Friday I was at an art centre in Lonhro House. We were supposed to do impromptu works that could sell up to 100,000/=; depending on the complexity and attraction of a piece to a buyer. I didn’t bother to know for how much mine went. I had to leave at lunch for a shoot.

I went to Uhuru Park where there is a huge swing shaped like a couch. I sat there and read for an hour. The book I’m reading is about an interracial relationship in a country of strife. It’s good.

Afterwards, I went to the shoot. Today was the last for next week’s episode. The storyline is pretty basic and soapie. Boy and girl having issues. I had told the head producers it would be better for us to take a risk and portray different stories. He refused. So now, the show is stuck on mediocre ratings with worse storytelling. And a week to week production schedule as the channel they produce for decides on a weekly basis, whether to keep the show on or not. Some people will watch anything nowadays.

I work on the show for experience. The moment I clock five months on the project, I will get myself on a different project. One hopefully run by MNet. They have huge productions.

After work, went back home and rested my feet for an hour. I’m going out with my tea shop friend and a couple of other girls. It’s someone’s birthday. So a present is in the works as well.