How men in a country whose national past time is rape believe women think

This Man's Mind

I think women (not our daughters, sisters wives or mothers other women) dress in ways to invite attention to themselves. Then they make all this noise to demonise us men.

And of course many women know, they bring rape upon themselves. They dress provocatively, walk provocatively… What do you expect a man to do?

Because women wake up in the morning thinking:

Hmm, today is a good day to be raped. Let me wear this tight top and walk home in the evening. I hope – I really hope – some man pulls me into a ditch, rips off my equally tight trousers, and rapes me. So I can then walk home filthy, naked and bruised and everyone looking at me… because I deserved it.

I feel like being raped today so I’m going to hang out with my boys and rave past midnight and try to catch…

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