A question for me? Brilliant.

1. Where in the world do you want to be right now?

At home; wrappe din a blanket, surfing the internet. Or in Seychelles.

2. What’s your favourite food?

I have thing for chapatis; and pancakes; pastries basically.

3. If someone gave you a box, and in that box was a button, and the instructions that you may push the button if you want and receive enough money to pay for everything you would ever need, with the only catch being that someone who you did not know would die, would you push the button?


4. Would you rather everybody in the world but you suddenly be able to read minds and they can’t read yours, or only you develop mind-reading powers that no one is immune to?

The latter; cause the former would leave me paranoid. Everybody being in on something I’m not.

5. What’s your third favourite colour?


6. How many siblings do you have?


7. What’s your shoe size?

6/6 and a half

8. Do you believe in miracles, you sexy thang?

Heh, yes, I do.

9. Past, present or future? Why?

Present, cause the past sucks (save 2010) and the future is unknown.

10. Are people primarily evil and learn to be good, or primarily good and learn to be evil?

Both depending on the nature of the person.

11. How are you feeling today?

I’m cold.

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