I’m just into questions

  1. Deepest fears? Spiders; commitment; my parents
  2. Biggest kink? infidelity, might be weird but people getting it on with other people when they are in relationships makes me hot and bothered
  3. Is there a god? clearly there is one; multiple people believe in such an entity. Question is, is there one solitary god, or multiple as it suits the people/culture?
  4. How many people have you dated? been out on dates, never dated anyone. unless i count 😉
  5. Is kissing a romantic thing? yes, it can be
  6. Is cuddling a romantic thing? yes, it can be
  7. Biggest turn offs? halitosis, bigotry, ridiculing
  8. Favourite body part on someone else? chest and neck and arms; and thighs and feet
  9. People you’ve seen yourself with? that’s a long list. Keanu Reeves always features though
  10. Something you regret? eh…losing my religion/motivation

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