Yes, we do know its Christmas: Misconceptions of Africa

When life hands you lemons, make grape juice...

Every December we hear Band Aids ” Do they know its Christmas” played on the radio. Founded by Bob Geldoff, the groups anti poverty efforts to raise money in Ethiopia were no doubt honourable.

But there is something about this song that always sits uneasy with me.

The song presents a really bleak view of Africa, appearing to refer to it as a whole. So many misconceptions can be taken from its lyrics.

” There’s a world outside your window.
And it’s a world of dread and fear.
Where the only water flowing,
Is the bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom.
Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.

And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmastime.

The greatest gift they’ll get this year is life.

Where nothing ever grows.
No rain nor rivers flow.
Do they…

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