Dreamed this morning, of being in a diner/cafe/restaurant where all these people I seemingly knew were, but I didn’t want to sit with them. So, I left, went to a friend’s place, that turned into the diner but with a partition. The diner became the central place of the dream. No matter what happened,  it was there.

And plenty happened.

I ran for whatever reason, I ran to my friends place, from it; around it. Then I returned back to her place, and it had turned into a side of the diner.

Had a fallout with my friend, or she blacked out, either way, there were parents, there was a fight of some sort, then she lost consciousness, and I was left holding two pieces of red velvet because there was a party at the diner and there was cake.

Afterwards, I found myself outside, I was in a loo. Someone locked me in and went into the diner. I was pissed off, cause wh wants to spend a dram in a toilet? Anyway, another person came outside with the key and was taunting me with it because I couldn’t get outside without it. When they realised they couldn’t get inside if I didn’t leave, they apologised and let me out. Then I went back into the diner, and found all these people I know shunning me. I was disturbed by the turn of events; not that I wanted them to shower attention; I just didn’t like their condemning looks. While looking for a place to sit, I realised many of them were writing scripts and stories, and they’d get mad whenever I peeked at their works. I didn’t know why, the dream didn’t establish, or even hint at why.

Finally, I got a seat too myself, which lasted all of ten seconds before I was outside again, or watching a big screen TV (it alternated between both). The woman I’d left in the loo had been attacked. She’d been making out with a Skarsgard-like Norse, then this non-earthling puled them apart, ripped an appendage off the Norse; then raped the woman, and made a hole in her torso. Few people in the diner were surprised, and before I could figure out why, the dream ended.

While it’s not the oddest, or most violent dream I’ve ever had, it’s notable because of the diner that repeatedly came up as the centre of the dream; the people, the cake; and the attack. What does it all mean? And if it means nothing in terms of being metaphorical, then why am I unable to recreate different scenes in some dreams?

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