An Open Letter from A Kenyan Citizen

To MPs Irungu Kangata (Kiharu), John Njoroge (Kasarani) and Julius Ndegwa (Lamu West),

I am incensed and disgusted by your move to question the DPP and the AG over anti-homosexuality laws. Of all the things you could have summoned them about, you chose to do so over laws that are anti-human. Laws that illegalise sexuality are anti-human, because sexuality is one of the core dimensions of humanity. The reasons that anti-homosexuality laws exist in this country are simply foolish. This idea that homosexuality is unnatural, unAfrican, and foreign is ludicrous.

First of all, homosexuality is not unnatural. It exists as much as heterosexuality, less than bisexuality (which has the highest prevalence of all sexualities, more than asexuality and non-sexuality. You would know this if you and your legislating colleagues studied sexology. Considering the summons, I assume that you haven’t studied anything to do with sexuality in general. It is a case of ignorance that is rife in this country. But for the 1926 anti-sexuality laws that made anything to do with sex publicly punishable by law for Africans, this would not be the case.

Secondly, homosexuality isn’t unAfrican. Unless you consider Africa to be the state made up by European imperialists to subjugate, colonise, brutalise, strip cultures and dehumanise those that live in this continent. If you believe Africa to be the continent that houses over a thousand different cultures and former nations, then you should know that homosexuality is every bit as African as heterosexuality, the sun in the sky, the metal in the earth, and the heritage I claim as a Kenyan.

Finally, homosexuality isn’t foreign. English is foreign, Arabic and Victorian cultures are foreign, colonial laws are foreign. Homosexuality was here before the first priests and pastors set foot on this continent, before the Sultans and Arab slavers, before churches and mosques, before the Imperial British East Africa Company, before a protectorate was established, and thereafter a colony in 1920.

Homosexuality will be here after your generation, and mine, and the one following because it is not an idea. It is not a disease, it is not a mental state of mind. It is a dimension of humanity. No matter what is done to it, it will continue to show up in humans because it is humanity. Legislating against it was inhuman enough, operationalising the laws will simply be war waged on humans who have done nothing to you or your peers simply because they are attracted to their own gender.

Homophobia and homohate is not fighting for any ultimate moral code or spiritual positivism. It simply is prejudice, and discrimination, and harmful to a subset of people who do nothing for you sexually. Don’t operationalise anti-homosexual laws. Repeal them, do away with them. The only laws that deserve to be operationalised concerning sexuality are those that deal with the abuse of a person using one’s sexuality i.e. rape, sexual assault, be it physical or verbal. It is repugnant that people can’t prosecute those who assault them sexually using written or verbalised actions; but a non-heterosexual can be harmed for not being a heterosexual and their violators are not prosecuted, and lauded by some. Don’t be inhuman. Don’t wage a war on your own citizens.

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