Am I Right; or am I the only one?

Meh, it is both also.

I ask myself this a lot when I feel like opinions, and situations are beyond kosher personally.

Like when people insist the govt is at fault for everything; including security. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 3 decades of life as if the citizens have nothing to do with it. I think the citizens should ignore the authorities and take security matters into their own hands. Learn defense tactics, stock up on armour; forge alliances across county lines. Ever relying on govt and ‘your people’ mentality of yore hurts and harms. It doesn’t help. Unless you’re the guys perpetrating the harm, in which case, I suppose it’s a success to rely on such ideology from them days when the colonialists manipulated it too pit Africans against each other and keep from mobilising to defeat the imperial govt.



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