One Day My Generation is Going to Rule the Population

and it will suck.

It’s not the hardest thing in the world to see why. We’ve been raised to fear incarceration; we’ve seen our governments blatantly not care for the effects their actions have on their citizens. We’ve seen how things have changed from the June 4th Movement of China making nothing of the reasons of the movement; to Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 and giving people an example of how revolutions should be carried out by people, and embraced by governments. From Women’s conference in 1995 publicising all the negativity women are subjected to, and the conference being ridiculed; and their agenda barely taken seriously by world authorities. To the North African and Arabic uprisings that have led to less than expected positive results. We’ve been raised to not care that we’re suffering; to shut up when crimes are being done by the elite; and become vicious to petty criminals. We’re bigoted, and shout down, ridicule, excommunicate anyone who points out our discriminative practises. We’re the worst of the 20th century distilled, and we’re not going to get any good without personal decisions to be good.

Our parents, and the generation between are the worst; but we’re not any better. We have the knowledge of their history at our disposal; but we do nothing to change the trends they have set, that are harming this world. It’s enough to make me want to jump planet.


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