I don’t write a lot, or publish, rather, because I don’t feel like anyone listens or wants to know what I’m thinking. I keep my meta opinions to myself. And they come through when I’m having conversations. As such, I’m always being told, I’d be a great writer; which I don’t deny. But what’s the point of being a writer if you have no audience?

Well, I am my audience. So when I write, I do it and put it on a platform I can access for myself. I learned, over a decade, to stop looking for people’s attention. To stop waiting for someone to look like they were listening to me for me to develop a way of thinking, stories, of engaging on certain topics. I have developed a way to hold multiple views without feeling conflicted. Cause life’s not always expressly categorical.

However, I don’t give people the same courtesy. Too many people, I have met, tend to have a categorical way of looking at situations. It’s an either/or mentality for them. So, I tend to regard a lot of people as daft when they voice their opinions, and they sound less than well thought through. And usually, they aren’t engaging me to have a discussion, and explore the topic of conversation; but to impress upon an audience their opinions, their points of view. To be validated by having one more person hear them out. They regard this as a confirmation that their point of view is correct. Such engagements leave little confidence in me to share my opinions with people. So, I keep them to myself most times.


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