Tis a Friday

Got a lot on my mind; but for the first time, a response from my supervisor doesn’t make me anxious.

Of course, there’s a problem with the content of the work she’s already altered. I think realising she’s the problem, and not myself, has enabled e to not be affected immensely by her responses. They used to make me unable to think, or do much with my thesis. I took three months off a few times to deal with the anxiety, cause for a chunk of 2013, I thought I was the problem. It’s a relief to know I’m not. It’s not a relief to know I’m not going to graduate this year, cause she’s taking too long to accept her own words.

Yes, this thesis isn’t my work. No reason to lie. It’s hers. I just provide a scapegoat; or proxy for her. I wish she would just work faster at accepting that she’s imperfect, and quit making me work forever and twenty months on a project that shouldn’t take more than half the time.

Masters are suckious when the supervisor is difficult to work with.


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