Shaking My Informed Conscience

Maina Njenga, of the reformed mafia don profile, has had his church shut down in Kitengela by the cops. This comes after he was refused the allowance to bury his wife in Kitengela, cause some unnecessary humans decided his money was good enough, but not his right to the land he purchased.

They claim heritage or some such misuse of an otherwise admirable claim.

The cops, instead of protecting Njenga’s rights to establish his church, and bury his wife on grounds he’s procured legally; decide to not.

This makes nonsense considering the point of the police, that is to protect people from threats that are unnecessary and infringing upon legally acquired rights.

I’m no fan of Njenga; but if the cops shouldn’t follow these unnecessary, and unfair precendences of removing people from their deeded lands. Especially because the land has been acquired lawfully. And also, because they don’t move as quickly, or act as decidedly when the land in question has been dubiously, and illegally acquired. Like I don’t see the white guys getting kicked off their land no matter how much the natives re-affirm that the land is theirs by heritage.

the cops in this case, should protect Njenga, his property, and his people. The ones threatening Njenga should find themselves warned, and slapped with court orders demanding they stay away or face lock up.

But for things to actually run logically, and accordingly in this world in general, is like asking for water with an open hand to hold it.

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