I had a dream the other night

This morning, actually.

I was in some sort of gang. We were out to stop some other guys from what we thought were bad actions. I kept calling the guy at the helm at the homebase Banshee. I haven’t watched Banshee in a long while, so I don’t know why I decided that name suited him; but it flowed. So we spent some time intercepting rogue matatus, messing up the other gang’s actvities. It came to a head when they sent some younguns after us, and we managed to subdue them. For the most part. One or two escaped, I think.

At the point we brought in the other younguns, there were hugs all around, and I found that Banshee and I were having something on going, even if it wasn’t physically sexual.

Now I remember why I called him Banshee. I remembered the Sheriff/Siobhan hook ups that I like on the show. Compared them to us in that Banshee and I were working together; although I wouldn’t say he was boss.

Anyway, Banshee came through with a bit about how we were the good guys, above punishing the younguns from the other side harshly. So, the captured rivals were taken elsewhere to be treated well.

Next I remember is hanging out with another in-command, and he was the mole from the rival side. Apparently, he and I were erotic partners; and I was the sounding board of his reasons why he was against Banshee and co. It sounded legit, considering their main issue was that Banshee and co were the bad guys in their view.

I got tired of the issues, and decided to get the hell out of dodge. In-command and co. had a plan that involved sabotaging something, and I took advantage of the commotion of setting out to escape. Only I didn’t get far having entered a matatu that was allied to In-command.

I was given a note by the conductor from In-command, telling me to go back, that we needed to talk, ad he wasn’t going to harm me or anyone else I knew.

I figure I went back cause i was heading there; and it disturbed me enough to wake me up.

It was plenty enjoyable as far as morning dreams go. Wish I remembered more.


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