the first time I watched my favorite movie.

This is part of a series of get-to-know-myself entries.

First off, I don’t have one favourite movie.

Second; Twilight is the movie that first came to mind.

The first time I watched Twilight it was on a bootleg compilation bought for Casino Royale. I looked at the cover, saw the poster of Edward Cullen looking other than human, over very human Bella. The title kept nagging at me, so I googled it. Was I not pleased to find it was the movie CNN had highlighted a month before as Twilight beat Casino Royale at the US Box Office?

I was immensely pleased.

I popped it in, sitting down to get my hair braided. I wanted my sister and aunt, who were in the living room with me, to watch it. I just felt it was a good showing.

The quality was a mess; blurry, sepia colour clashing with the grey tone of the movie; and the cinema echo of a bad camcopy. I saw about half of it as I had to tilt my head to get my hair done.

I still loved it. And I watched it over, and over; and once, my aunt found me watching it. She sat down, and became hooked. Thereafter, I campaigned a cinema to show the movie. It was shown in the worst hall; but I still loved watching it. Afterwards, I bought a bootleg copy, HD quality then cause the DVD was out by then; and I stayed rewatching the movie for months. I watch it occasionally now; and I still get immensely pleased by it.



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