Teen Wolf had it’s season 4 finale this week, with some expected gun action, and growling-cum-roaring. It also had Derek, who’s been iffy all season, coming through as an evolved wolf. It also had a lot of Sterek fans in a tizzy because once again, their pairing wasn’t portrayed as true on the show. Sterek fans tryng to make fanon canon have been a bane of my Teen Wolf watching experience.

I hadn’t planned on watching Teen Wolf(TW) at all; because it started midst the Twilight Saga fever, and I had had enough of people being so into wolves in their fanfiction, and fiction all around that I didn’t care to watch a show about them. Despite not being a fan of the show, or watching it, I found that my social media profile feeds had information on the show. And most of that information centred on how Sterek was a one true pairing(otp) of the show. I saw so many posts explaining how Derek and Stiles made the perfect couple, and how the cast and crew was supportive of the pairing, and promoting it, and therefore implying it would be canon. Canon is an event that is true of the story.

As the years went by, and Sterek fans became more insistent that the pairing had to be canon, and threatening to boycott the show if they didn’t get their way; information countering Sterek showed up on my feeds. More, and more people refuted the claims that Sterek was canon, and maintained that it was fanon, that is, true in fandom, and its fans. They explained how Sterek fans were so quick to ignore the more plausible pairings of Scott, and either Stiles, or Derek; and how in rejecting any het pairing of either characters they were being misogynistic, and rude.

This year, I was bored, and I decided to watch the show. I kept in mind to look out for any indication of Sterek, cause despite the opposition, the fandom sells itself like a solid, cool community. I watched the series in a week; and not once dd I see this great love between Derek, and Stiles. And I felt had.

If there’s anything between Sterek, it’s Scott. The interactions of the characters are centred on Scott majority of the time. Anything in regards to Sterek is so negligible, you could blink and miss it. Personally, watched it all the way through, and saw not a thing endearing about them. Derek is disregarding of Stiles half of the time, and Stiles is disparaging of Derek majority of the time. And Stiles also asks Scott why they can’t let Derek die, because that’s how tired of Derek he is.

This season brought to focus the points of the anti-Sterek, and other opposition of the push to make a fanon pairing canon. The fandom has a loud, pervasive, significant number of members that are bigoted, and horribly misleading about other characters, and their endorsement of the relationship. When Stiles and Malia got together, they were complaints that they’d come together too quickly, and as such wouldn’t last. They disparaged, and slandered Braeden’s character when Derek first took care of her, and then kept insisting she would turn on him, and when they went sexual, they decided she was a villain and would harm Derek spectacularly. When none of that happened, they decided that Malia was abusive to Stiles, and Derek, and Braeden had broken up. The intensity with which they maintain that their pairing is canon, and should be is annoying in the least, destructive after perusing through a few posts.

The other side of Sterek’s fandom shouldn’t have to suffer the effects of the negative side, but unfortunately they do. I try to differentiate between the two, and not disparage the side that finds the aesthetics of the characters enough to ship them. Shipping is the pairing, or partnering of characters that have some sort of connection, or aesthetic that complement each other.

I see nothing of Derek and Stiles that’s ship-worthy in a sexual, or romantic manner, aside from the aesthetics that fit the generally pushed upon idea that the best of characterisations look white, adorable, dark-haired(in most cases), pleasant, and male. Good luck finding a lesbian pairing of two canonically het characters with little interaction, or friendly regard for one another with a huge backing a la Sterek. Not even Arthur and Merlin fans are so rabid. And at least John, and Sherlock have a running joke going on in the show. That side of Sterek is a disappointment.


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