Women want men to realise that they aren’t available without limit to their whims, and desires.
A man goes to hug another man who’s a stranger to him, and suddenly it’s push-back, and demands that the (insert insult here) recognise that he doesn’t know the other like that. But a woman, ‘oh, she’s overreacting, and out to hurt a man, and he was drunk, and he didn’t mean it, and she’s a whore, and lying’. That’s stupid, harmful logic.
Check it, women aren’t chilling about, awaiting with tortured hearts, and libidos to have the attention of a man bestowed upon them. It isn’t a general desire to have men trying to have sex with women. It certainly isn’t a validation of desirability. And it’s not a prize. If one woman wants to be abruptly, with no warning, touched, grabbed, handled by someone, that’s that woman, not every woman. Asking permission to touch a person isn’t that hard. And if you’re scared of rejection, then learn to deal with it.
It’s not at all hard to figure out why men are promptly seen as predators, and violent when they promote, support, and maintain rape culture; and have some women defending, and supporting them in such endeavours.


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