I keep telling myself to write so my skills on writing can sharpen. You know, have great skill at conveying messages with a personal brand of telling. And I try, but it’s hard to keep in mind what I want to say when I’m dealing with my Cucu.

See, my Cucu has dementia, and she needs constant supervision cause she’s got the advanced symptoms i.e. hallucinations, weakened memory, and body. And to top the situation, my Mum doesn’t want her touching a lot of things around the house cause she messes up. All this tends to interrupt the thought process, and by the time she’s asleep, I’m too tired to care to write for anything.

So, what to do? I don’t know. Maybe short posts are better than none. Maybe five in one day, and a none for months thereafter isn’t bad. It’s a practise I have to try out, cause I’m losing the desire to write, again. I dislike it when that happens. And also, how am I supposed to get hired as a writer if I have noting to show for it?


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