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I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in Press Freedom. What I don’t believe is that those freedoms are absolute. In 2015, a terrorist attack on the largely previously unknown French “Charlie Hebdo” publication left 14 people dead, after the paper published a cartoon mocking the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. There was no excuse, no justification for the taking of lives simply because they published what over 1.6 billion people, Muslims, would consider extremely offensive. However, the event brought about a debate on what freedoms we enjoy and how those freedoms can be enjoyed without giving credence to outright bigotry, racism and the degradation of others.

Since that time, Charlie Hebdo has published several other, openly racist, clearly bigoted cartoons, about migrants dying at sea and most offensive to date; a cartoon depicting a 2 year old refugee who died at sea, Aylan Kurdi, as a “future monkey rapist.”


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An Open Letter to Janelle Monae: TFA’s Cultural Appropriation


Dear Ms. Janelle Monae,

First and foremost thank you for bringing a black feminist perspective into music that moves my soul.  HellYouTalmBout continues to be a source of hope, righteous indignation, and monument to the lives of so many snuffed out, the song is at once too long and yet not nearly exhaustive.  Your work at Wonderland and artistic gifts are a source of pride and inspiration, which is why I was so shocked to learn you will be performing at the 25th Anniversary of Teach For America.

Your Lyrics in Many Moons:

We’re dancing free but we’re stuck here underground
And everybody trying to figure they way out
Hey Hey Hey, all we ever wanted to say
Was chased erased and then thrown away
And day to day we live in a daze

Is a beautiful metaphor for the current (and temporary) trend toward privatization…

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