Careless Corps

Wondering what it would take for the law making, and implementing institutions in this country to take assaults seriously. Cause murders are clearly not enough, rapes barely catch their attention, and they don’t even take the verbal assaults seriously unless it affects them. Look at how 2007/2008 riots were handled. How many people have been prosecuted, and convicted for their crimes?

The more the heads of these institutions claim to be reforming their organisations to better serve the country, and its citizens, the less effective the organisations are in carrying out any of the policies put in place to change the system. Which is why I can’t fault the heads, not when the majority of the people in the organisations are refusing to work with the new policies. Unless of course it brings them some kind of remuneration.

Police don’t care to increase patrols in some areas, don’t care to operationalise different, or new policies if they don’t bring them money. Case i point, the NTSA rules. The cops were quick to put up mobile courts, and catch jaywalkers at certain points in the city because they could charge, and fine people on the spot. Considering how many pedestrians a place like Nyayo Stadium roundabout sees in a day, clocking Ksh. 20,000 a day isn’t tough. In a month, the traffic cops around that area could net Ksh 500,000 for themselves, cause if anyone’s been to police stations around Nairobi this decade, they’d note that there’s a bit of coin coming from bribes, confiscations, and fines going into upgrading, remodeling, or repairs of the stations.

It’s as if they couldn’t care unless it gains them monetary remuneration, and what level of remuneration exactly is unknown. Because the greed that Kenyans in general are raised with is insatiable. Constantly being told to never be satisfied with what one has; to never be content. Following the heart, doing for the cause, for the living standard set by the government is not enough of a factor for policies to be implemented, for people to do the jobs they signed up for. It’s always about the money, and not enough of it will ever make majority of the cops, the judges, or the National Assembly work for the people positively.