Inspired by Lupita Nyong’o, young women talk about prejudice and of the appreciation of black beauty

Black Women of Brazil

Inspiradas em Lupita, jovens negras falam de preconceito e da valorização da própria beleza (2)

Note from BW of Brazil: The recent double victories of actress Lupita Nyong’o were celebrated throughout the African Diaspora and in black Brazilian social media the Oscar winning, 2014 People magazine “Most Beautiful Woman’s” image and significance is still a hot topic and a source of great pride. For decades, women of visible African descent have been consistently invisible as Brazil’s media continues to insist in presenting Brazilian women as if the country were located in the heart of Western Europe. Nyong’o’s victories are even more important considering her phenotype. In Brazil, as in many of countries with African descendant populations, when black women are highlighted in the media they often have lighter skin with other physical characteristics that are not drastically different from the standard European phenotype. Nyong’o’s victories in an American media that is still considered very exclusionary once again begs the question: with so many beautiful black women in…

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